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News / Trending Trails & Tales - 7 months ago

Manscaping For Dummies

You may not have heard of manscaping but the chances are you are already fitting it into your daily routine. To manscape is to take control of some of the body fuzz we have.  Whether it’s the facial hair to the bush down there.  It’s all essentially...

News / Trending Trails & Tales - 7 months ago

Male Grooming For Oblivious Dads

Whether it’s an upcoming event such as your child’s birthday or an important parent’s meeting at school, it’s never a bad idea to improve your appearances for the sake of not embarrassing your family. However, this can be rather difficult for a dad t...

News / Trending Trails & Tales - 7 months ago

Great Gift Ideas For Yourself

Sometimes, when life gets tough and you feel bad you just need something to pick you up. You don’t want to wait for someone else to buy one for you. Instead, treat yourself. Of course, as a dad you will likely hardly ever treat yourself, so it can be...